Seasonal Guides

Welcome to our Seasonal Guides section at THREE Duvets. Here, we delve into the world of duvets and bedding across the various seasons of the year. We provide useful tips, advice, and guides that help you make the right choices for your bedding needs. Whether you are preparing for the cold winter nights or looking forward to a light summer sleep, our guides cover it all. From tog ratings to duvet fillings, learn how to adapt your bedding to provide the most comfortable sleep experience. All our content is tailored to the UK climate and lifestyle, ensuring it's most relevant and helpful to you.


  1. Winter Duvet Section options from THREE Duvets

    Cuddle up in customised comfort with THREE Duvets' winter selection – where individual preferences and togetherness meet.

  2. Summer Duvet Section Options From THREE Duvets

    Dive into our comprehensive guide from THREE Duvets and find the perfect summer duvet that suits your comfort needs and helps you beat the heat.

  3. Which Tog Should I Choose for My Duvet Section?

    The great benefit of the THREE Duvets shared duvet solution is that each of you can choose the tog that’s just right for you but still cuddle up together under the same duvet. 

  4. The Benefits of ‘Mix and Match’ Options

    Our THREE Duvets shared duvet solution isn’t just a unique new bedding system for couples but also has a number of other benefits, including personalised comfort, customisation and cost effectiveness.

  5. Your Guide to Personalised Bedding

    Finding the perfect duvet for a restful night's sleep is a personal journey. Becoming more challenging when sharing your duvet with a partner who might have a different warmth preference. Don't worry, we have a solution...