Why we use BCI cotton

Why we use BCI cotton

Sustainability and responsible sourcing have been at the heart everything that we do, even since before we were even making our products, so we wanted to write a bit about the cotton fabric that we use for the casings for our THREE Duvets sections.

Our goal was to find a cotton fabric that was made with cotton grown as sustainably and ethically as possible. As cotton growing techniques and practices vary around the world, we also needed to find cotton that came from growers who were committed to good socio-economic principles and work conditions.

Our research led us to the Better Cotton initiative, the world’s leading sustainability initiative for cotton. A non- profit organisation that was founded over 17 years ago, its mission is to help cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment. Education and support for these communities now means that nearly two million farmers, in 23 countries are now licensed to sell their cotton as ‘Better Cotton’.

Here’s how Better Cotton works:

HELPING COTTON FARMERS BECOME MORE SUSTAINABLE: farmers who take part in the Better Cotton initiative are given the knowledge, support and resources to grow cotton more sustainably. This includes improving soil health, better water management, and cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.

HELPING FARM WORKERS: The Better Cotton programmes and producer organisations make farmers and farm workers a priority, helping to improve working conditions and achieve higher standards of living.

HELPING FARMING COMMUNITIES: Better Cotton’s education and social programmes help to confront inequalities and empower women.  

SUPPORTING CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATIONS THAT ARE CONNECTED TO THE COTTON SUPPLY CHAIN: The Better Cotton platform can be used by organisations that serve to continue the drive for more ethical and transparent behaviour across the cotton growing sector.

Ultimately, the work of Better Cotton allows governments to draw on years of expertise and resources to work towards farming sustainability in their countries. This has a very positive impact for the planet and helps to plan a sustainable future for us all. It also benefits suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers by giving them the ability to offer sustainably produced products to their customers.

Last but not least, our BCI cotton is woven to our unique specification into a high quality, 260 thread count 100% cotton fabric that makes the drape of our duvet sections so special. As cotton is a 100% natural fibre, it will work in harmony with whichever of our 100% natural fillings you choose for your section, or your partner chooses for theirs. If you have any questions about THREE Duvets or would like help in choosing the right sections for you and your partner, just get in touch and the team will be happy to help.


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