What's your three duvets sleep story?

What's your three duvets sleep story?

Everybody has their own Sleep Story - and we speak to customers every day about theirs. At Devon Duvets we want our customers to achieve a better quality of sleep, and this is why we put so much love and care into responsibly sourcing each element that goes into creating our handcrafted THREE Duvets range, here in our Devon workshops.

We will be sharing some of these stories in a series of mini blogs as you may find that you have a similar Sleep Story and can see how our 100% natural, filled bedding products can help.


Giulia is from the south of Italy but moved to the UK, two years ago, when she met and married Mike. Having lived in a warmer climate for most of her life, she feels the cold and especially at night. Mike likes to sleep with the window open all night, and even more so now because their current high tog feather and down duvet keeps Giulia warm, but he is still overheating and wakes up several times each night. When they contacted us, we suggested they choose one lightweight half section (4 – 7 togs) for Mike and one medium weight wool half section (8 – 14 togs) for Guilia, which can be joined together, using our patented simple joining system, to create one full sized duvet. This way Mike and Giulia  were able to both have the duvet they need but without either having to compromise or resort to two separate single duvets. Giulia can also purchase an extra warm wool half section (which has an added layer of wool) if she needs to top up on the togs in the winter. This gives both Mike and Giulia the option to ‘mix and match’ sections as required, throughout the seasons.

If you would like to talk to the team about your Sleep Story or need help to guide you through possible options, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.