Dick and Pauline Beijen in the Devon countryside

Our Story

The roots of the innovative THREE Duvets shared bedding solution go back over 12 years ago, when our founders, Dick and Pauline Beijen decided to give up their busy international careers and create a new life back in the UK. They brought a smallholding on Dartmoor, and it wasn’t long before they were thinking of new ways to support their lifestyle. Having always been committed to responsible and ethical products, they set about developing some ideas for crafted and wool based products. They also wanted to find a way to support other smallholders and farmers. Following discussions with other local farmers about making wool bedding, they were discovered by Monty Don, who decided to feature the couple and their ideas in his Channel 4 series ‘My Dream Farm’. In 2010, Dick and Pauline fine-tuned their ideas and created Devon Duvets, initially featuring 100% British wool duvets as their signature product, but then going on to develop further ranges of sustainable, 100% natural products.


How we create our 100% wool duvets


Realising there was a gap in the bedding market, they started work on developing innovative products that would provide their customers with additional levels of comfort and flexibility. The first of a series of developments was their patented folding wool pillow, made in sections that allows you to create the pillow that your body needs.


A Wool Folding Pillow


The idea for Three Duvets was born following many conversations with customers who said that they and their partner could not find the perfect duvet to suit them both - without resorting to them each having their own individual duvet in their shared bed. A common theme was that one partner was too hot, when the other was too cold, which meant that one person was always compromising on a good night’s sleep. The result is THREE Duvets. A unique duvet solution comprising two individual sections, each with the filling and weight of each partner’s choice, combined with our unique joining system to create one full size duvet.

So, you can choose from 100% British wool, 100% British alpaca or our 100% plant-based Botanic fibres made from sustainable wood sources. You start with two sections, with each of you choosing the filling and tog rating you prefer, to make a full-size duvet that will fit inside your duvet cover. Best of all…you can then go on to choose individual sections that you can ‘mix and match’ throughout the year, to create the perfect duvet, no matter what each season brings.

Choosing the right duvet is very important for you and your partner, so if you would like any help or advice in making your decision, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.